Why Paramount

Founded on the strong belief that all students have the ability to thrive academically.

Paramount’s curriculum is driven by Pearson products (EnVision, Reading Street, and Prentice Hall Literature and Mathematics) listed in the IDOE’s approved curriculum catalog. In addition, the Core Knowledge Sequence is implemented through innovative technology and effective instructional practices as a hybrid design for delivery.  The foundation of Paramount’s hybrid design incorporates technologies such as Apple iPads, Apple TV’s and computerized student workstations with the irreplaceable ‘human factor’ and teacher interaction.

The Paramount’s facility design is an aesthetic learning tool equipped with themed-based Discovery Zones, real-world settings and multi-sensory environments. Paramount School of Excellence enhances the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards with the Pearson and Core Knowledge curriculum to create an overall program of study that includes the depth and breadth necessary to meet the needs of all students. The school utilizes the alignment of teacher curriculum maps (based on Pearson and CK) with the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards to assure all annual requirements are met.

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